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Hello!!! I’m Mary Kate. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Do you have unfinished cleaning services nyc quilt tops tucked away in a closet or drawer in your home? Let me finish those quilting treasures for you. I have been quilting and machine quilting for over 10 years. I have “Circle Lord” capabilities, including Circle Lord Swirls and Circle Lord Baptist Fans. I offer SID (stitch in the ditch) Stipple/Meandering and Pantographs. I only use “Superior Brand Threads, So Fine” by John Flynn and it comes in many colors. Be sure and go to the “Samples” page and see some of my work. Click on each one and scroll down to be sure to see everything. Conveniently located in the Mid-Atlantic region, I receive quilts via mail from all parts of the country. Remember, Forget the Guilt, Let Me Finish That Quilt!!!!

Also, I offer a Tee-Shirt Quilt Service. Do you have any Tee Shirts that you love, or have memories attached to them? Do you have drawers full of Tee-Shirts that you love, but no longer wish to wear? HAVE A TEE-SHIRT QUILT MADE!! This is a wonderful way to recycle, repurpose, and reuse all those wonderful Tee Shirts for a long lasting and useful quilt. These make a great gift for yourself or others.

E-mail me today for details.